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Our Journey

Creation + Evolution

Creating Families was born out of a deep commitment to mental health and family wellness, specifically very young children, birth to 5, & those who have experienced trauma & their extended families. We recognized the power of providing compassionate, comprehensive support to children and families as they navigate life's challenges. From our roots in the Los Angeles County region, we've grown into a dedicated team of professionals, steadfast in our mission to shape confident, capable individuals ready to surmount any adversity. 


Our journey began with the idea that every family has the strength within them to overcome obstacles. This belief led us to establish a range of services, from individual and group therapy to developmental, psychoeducational, and psychological evaluations. Recognizing the significance of early intervention, we extended our services to infants and young children, offering a comprehensive, strength-based approach to promote family cohesion and overall well-being. 


But we also knew that supporting children and families extended beyond therapy rooms. We needed to equip caregivers with essential skills and self-care strategies. This realization led to the development of our Parent/Caregiver Training, Infant Massage Instruction, and Mindfulness and Self-Care Practices. Furthermore, to enhance our reach, we initiated workshops, virtual trainings, and in-service meetings for both public and private organizations.


As we continue our mission, we remain committed to fostering a sense of community, encapsulated in our core value of collaboration. We believe it truly 'takes a village,' and with every step we take, we reinforce our commitment to building stronger individuals, happier families, and healthier communities.


Creating Families continues to evolve, but our core mission remains the same - to enable individuals and families to triumph over adversities, while nurturing emotional well-being, health, and unity. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities to broaden our impact, to grow with our community, and to continue making a tangible difference in people's lives.


How You Can Help + Support

Creating Families was initiated by Dr. LaFaune Gordon with a mission - to empower young children and families in overcoming adversities while fostering emotional well-being, health, and family unity. Achieving this mission requires a collaborative effort, and this is where you can play a vital role.


Consider joining forces with us in fortifying individuals, families, and entire communities through our mental health support services. Your support can come in many forms. Whether it's volunteering your time and expertise, providing clinical training, making a monetary contribution of any amount, or donating equipment or services, every contribution is impactful and appreciated.


Did any ideas come to mind about how you could support the expansion of Creating Families Are you thinking about how your assistance could attract or retain qualified staff, broaden our current programs, or even launch new ones? Your contributions could transform these ideas into reality.


We assist many young children, under the age of five, as well as individuals who've encountered life challenges or traumatic events. With your help, we can extend our reach and provide the necessary services to these families.


We invite you to be part of our mission and make a significant difference in our community. Your support can bring our shared dreams to life, shaping healthier, happier futures for individuals and families. Thank you for considering partnering with us on this journey.

Want to Support our mission or join our team?

Community Partners

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Community partners are invaluable allies in our mission. They are organizations, businesses, and groups who share our commitment to nurturing the emotional well-being and health of young children and families. Their support takes various forms, from building of the website to showcase our mission, providing resources and services to helping us reach a wider audience. Together, we strive to empower individuals, enhance family unity, and ultimately foster resilient, thriving communities. 

*Please note that each logo can be clicked to redirect you to our community partner's own business website. 

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