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Our offered Services

At Creating Families, our passion and expertise lie in providing essential therapeutic services to a very specific, often underserved group: young children from birth to age five who have experienced trauma and their extended families. Despite the breadth of our offerings, our commitment to early intervention remains at the forefront. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we dedicate our resources and knowledge to these young, vulnerable lives, making it our mission to foster resilience and mental well-being at this critical early stage of development.


Our range of services is comprehensive, but we are renowned for our Prevention and Early Intervention Services. These initiatives are specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by our target population. By intervening early, we aim to mitigate the long-term effects of trauma and adversity, setting the foundation for healthy emotional and psychological growth.


While our primary focus is on very young children, we extend our services to older children, youth, and adults, always providing support based on individual needs and circumstances. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment that nurtures the overall mental health of the entire family unit.


Join us at Creating Families and let our expertise guide your journey towards healing and resilience. With us, you and your loved ones are not alone. We stand with you in navigating the path to a more positive, healthier future.

Early Prevention + Intervention

Caregiver + Child Connection Assessment

Our Parent-Child Interaction Assessments and Interventions aim to identify and enhance the caregiver-child relationship. They are specially designed to foster empathy, mutual respect, and co-regulation between caregivers and children.


Personalized Individual Therapy | Strengthening Family Therapy | 

Creative Play Therapy | Interactive Group Therapy

Although we extend our therapeutic services to adolescents and adults, our primary focus is on the needs of young children, from birth up to 5 years old.  We do this through active partnership with the parent or primary caregiver. All of our therapeutic interventions focus on harnessing individual strengths, and we maintain a collaborative approach with all participants involved in the service.


Comprehensive Developmental Assessments | Enlightening Psychoeducational Evaluations |

In-depth Psychological Assessments

We provide assessments for infants and children to aid in identifying potential services offered by the child's school district and regional center. Our reports are comprehensive and strength-based, aiming to further empower families and guide the utilization of necessary community services and resources.

Workshops + Trainings

Parent/Caregiver Education | Soothing Infant Massage Techniques | Mindfulness and Personal Wellness Strategies

In our commitment to promote emotional and physical wellness for children and families, we offer a range of services that support caregivers in their vital roles. We provide comprehensive Parent/Caregiver Training, equipping individuals with the necessary skills to foster a nurturing environment for children. Additionally, our Infant Massage Instruction teaches soothing techniques that cultivate a deeper bond between caregiver and infant. Our offerings also extend to mindfulness and self-care practices, with strategies to help caregivers maintain their well-being amidst their responsibilities. 


Beyond these, we also host workshops, virtual trainings, and in-service meetings for both public and private organizations. This broad spectrum of services enhances our goal of fostering overall wellness in the context of both child and family.

Graduate Student Clinical Training

Hands-on Clinical Practice Training for

Psychology Doctoral, Masters Level, and Marriage Family Therapy Masters Candidates

Our program features both individual and group supervision sessions conducted by seasoned and licensed mental health professionals. This approach ensures that students are immersed in an educational environment tailored to their learning needs. Our aim is to equip students with the necessary experience and practical knowledge to confidently pursue their respective careers in the mental health field. Our comprehensive training program is a stepping stone for them to move forward in their profession with assurance and competency.

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