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Unveiling A Collaborative Labor of Love: The New Creating Families Website!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Greetings and Hello!

I'm Loren Alexander of Beautiful Souls Aligned. While I am a photographer first, I also spend my free time building websites when I feel drawn to do so. It's my pleasure to welcome you to the newly revamped website for Creating Families, a company that I am happy to have supported in their newest journey of visual content.

As you will find on the website. The essence of Creating Families's leadership has always been about empowerment. Their mission, to enable young children and families to navigate adversities while fostering emotional health, overall wellness, and familial unity, is something I deeply admire. To match this mission and commitment, my aim was to bring forward a website design that reflects their dedication, warmth, and integrity.

As I reshaped this digital platform, I carefully incorporated elements to mirror the organization's core values and services. From personal growth therapy to enhancing family dynamics and early childhood mental health interventions, each service is now highlighted in an easy-to-navigate 'Services' section.

One aspect that is special to me is the valuable training and supervision opportunities Creating Families offers to individuals, families, and Graduate Students. As a graduate student myself, I understand the importance of having proper supervision while in a program. With a network of trainees from institutions across Southern California and Minnesota, I wanted to honor the collaboration and mutual growth that is fostered within the organization.

And of course, the 'About' page reveals the heart and soul of Creating Families I believe that sharing the journey of an organization is just as important as highlighting its current offerings, so I made sure to detail their inspiring story of evolution while staying rooted in their mission. The 'How You Can Help' section creates a space for everyone who feels drawn to support their mission, be it through volunteering, donations, or by simply spreading the word about their impactful work.

Finally, this 'Blog' will serve as a space to share updates, insights, and stories from the Creating Families community. Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming posts!

As we unveil this refreshed digital platform, I am filled with immense satisfaction. It feels amazing to have contributed to such a grand cause. I invite you to explore the site, connect with the team, and engage with the community.


Loren Alexander, Beautiful Souls Aligned

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